Stone Soup

Last Monday, 9th April the children from the “Cicle Inicial” enjoyed a thatre play in English: Stone soup.

We had a very good time. And we could put in practice some vocabulary that we had previously worked in the English class.



Our e-Twinning Project

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Childrem from 4th, 5th and 6th grade are participating in a project with a school from Poland. The project is about  Traditional tales from around Europe. We have been working on La Castanyera (The Chestnut Lady), En Patufet and El Timbaler del Bruc (The Drummer of the Bruc). And children from Poland have to send us their work related to their tradiotional stories. We made some theatre plays and some puppets plays.

Here there are the puppets plays by the children of 4thA and 4thB.

4th A

4th A Group 1

4th A Group 2

The Chestnut Lady puppets play by 4th A


4th B

4th B Group 1

4th B Group 2

The Chestnut Lady puppets play by 4th B


We hope you like them!



A few days ago, the children of Cicle Mitjà and Cicle Superior went to the Cultural Center  and we saw the theater play of Excalibur. There were 3 actors in the play. It was the battle of Camelot. The 4 characters were called: Merli, Geneive, Morgana and Arthur. Geneive was a warrior girl. Arthur lived with farmers. A man took 4 children and they tried to get out the sword but they couldn’t. When Arthur removed the sword he became the king of Camelot.

The story had a happy ending.

 When the play finished four children climbed to the stage and they asked the actors some questions.

We liked his story a lot!!!

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Hello children!

Are you having fun these Christmas holidays? No? Here you are some fun activities you can do to enjoy these days a lot.

Cicle Inicial:

Oxford Learning Zone Games Level 1:    Play “Paint Party”, “Christmas Click Along” and “Word Wizard”.

Oxford Learning Zone Games Level 2:    Play “Paint Party”, “Christmas Click Along” and “Word Wizard”.

And watch this video:  The Snowman  with subtitles.

Cicle Mitjà:

Oxford Learning Zone Games Level 3: Play “Christmas Click along”, “Dress the alien”, “Paint Party”,…

Oxford Learning Zone Games Level 4: Play “Christmas Click along”, “Late for School”, “Snowball Race”, “Word Wizard”,…

And watch these videos: The Snowman and Santa’s Little Helper with subtitles.

Cicle Superior:

Try any game that you like from your level:

Oxford Learning Zone Games Level 5

Oxford Learning Zone Games Level 6

And watch some of these videos!

And remember to enjoy your time with your family, go out to play with your friends and don’t play computer games all the time.

Merry Christmas!!!